Invoice Calculation App

Tracking expenses manually is costly, time-consuming and prone to many errors and omissions. With expense management systems, you will be able to carry out all transactions automatically from a single point by transferring all manual transactions (your data in excels and similar files, which are susceptible to loss, deletion or change, physically stored receipts, expenditure approvals given verbally or on paper, etc.) to the system.
- Tracking both internal and external expenses
- Expense information workflow process
- Expense document/amount approval mechanism at multiple levels
- Tracking of determined quotas, reporting quota exceedances with reasons on the basis of person/date/amount/target etc.
- Calculation and reporting of amounts to be deducted from personnel salaries
- Checking the accuracy of issued invoices
- Integration with accounting programs
- Easy access from mobile phones
- Information/warning/reminder via e-mail
- Detailed expense reporting

Complete your transactions quickly and smoothly with FatHers Invoice spending information system!

With the Expenditure / Expense management system; Track all your expenses on one platform!

What are the Benefits of Expense Management Systems?

*Saves time *Eliminates repetitive tasks
*Automates processes
*Minimizes errors
*Eliminates costs caused by under/over calculated expenses
*Provides serious cost savings
*Invoicing is automatically sent to the employee by e-mail after the transactions are completed. Thus, transactions are carried out quickly and accurately with the automatic e-mail sending feature.